March 2024

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New Luxury Brand

Introducing Richmond Interiors to our online shop ( The Dutch designer living brand, specialises in high-end luxurious interior designs. High-detail designs, and gorgeous luxurious appeal make Richmond Interiors a go-to supplier for many interior designers and clients. Have a look at our online shop for more unique furniture and furnishings from Richmond Interiors.

Richmond Interiors

Interior Tips for March

Declutter - Spring decor ideas aren't just about adding to your existing scheme – it's also about decluttering. If you’re set on a spring clean, use the opportunity to clear your space visually. Stick to the five-year rule…If you haven’t used an item in five years, you probably don’t need to keep it in your home!

Laura Loves

One of my favourite artists, James McQueen, produces some gorgeous, eye-catching, contemporary pieces of art. Give your home an instant boost of colour and statement with his collective piece of art. Have a look at his collection at


Garden ready!

As we head towards the spring, many of you will be thinking about sprucing up the garden and getting ready for those long summer evenings. Investing in a new garden patio set will transform any size space and is a great way to encourage you to be out in the sunshine more often than not.


Amalfi Collection from


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